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The Victorian Parliament's Environment and Planning committee has recommended amendments be made to a Bill before Parliament aimed at regulating short-stay accommodation.

In its report tabled on 08 June 2017, the Committee made six findings and nine recommendations on the Owners Corporations Amendment (Short-stay Accommodation) Bill 2016.

"What is clear is the Bill presented to Parliament by the Government did not address many of the key issues adequately," said Committee Chair, the Hon David Davis MLC.

"Many provisions in the Bill were confusing and ambiguous. Other matters raised with the Committee but clearly of concern to many apartment dwellers were not dealt with by the Bill at all."

The Committee has recommended that, as part of its broader review of consumer property law, the Victorian Government consider the appropriateness of giving owners corporations of strata complexes power to regulate short-stay accommodation in their building.

"Recent legal cases make it clear the current law is inadequate with owners corporations unable to adequately regulate or manage on behalf of residents in apartment towers."

The Committee also recommended in line with recommendations by the Tourism Accommodation Association (Vic) that the Government investigates costs and benefits of introducing a registration and compliance regulatory framework for short-stay accommodation providers, where properties are listed for more than 90 days and a single owner has multiple listings.

'There is no doubting the growing importance and in particular the economic significance of the peer to peer accommodation sector and the aim of government regulation must be to ensure this sector thrives within a responsible framework that accords fairness and rights to those with whom it cohabits," Mr Davis said.

One of the Committee's findings is that there was almost a complete lack of details and reliable information about the scale of the sector and its impact on others.

The Committee has recommended that the Government investigates a mechanism to improve data collection on short-stay accommodation.

On the issue of community safety, the Committee found that unruly behaviour is confined to a minority of all short-stay accommodation guests. However, it noted that there are apartment complexes where community safety has been negatively impacted by short-stay accommodation, causing residents not to feel safe in their own homes. 

The Committee has recommended that the Victorian Government and Victoria Police examine issues relating to community safety in apartment complexes where short-stay accommodation is provided. 

The report is available from the Committee's website

Press release issued 08 June 2017




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