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In this section we publish some of our supporters' letters. Please, email us your stories to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Response by Sally McDonnell:

I agree an upgrade is long overdue and is causing the suburb to drown. Its appearance and desolation is as good as a high barbwire fence to the flourishing of the suburb. The lack of cover /shade makes it a tough walk for all.

My suggestion is a commuter lane for golf buggies that run continuously with intersecting points. This would make shopping a pedestrian activity instead of a car drive of less than a kilometre.

Sally McDonnell

Response by Cr Rohan Leppert:

I agree with the concerns re Harbour Esplanade.

In June 2015, when Council considered the Master Plan, I moved an alternative motion to that recommended by our officers.

The effect of this motion, which was agreed to by Council, was to require that the plans for the heritage sheds come back to Committee rather than just be considered by officers under delegation.

This is to make sure that the public - especially the local Docklands community - have the opportunity to see the plans, have their say and ensure that Council is approving plans consistent with their expectations. There is certainly a mood among Councillors to get this right and ensure that the heritage sheds do not dominate, and that views and free public access are protected. So I am confident that this alternative resolution will help to ensure that we debate the right outcomes.

Cr Rohan Leppert
Chair Arts and Culture Portfolio
City of Melbourne

Response by Bob Morgan:

I love living at Docklands. I love the urban lifestyle and the constantly changing waterfront. It has a few faults but in general is a seriously great area to live. Where else in Melbourne can you live within 5 mins walk of a Supermarket, Pharmacy, Bank , Post Office, Hairdresser, Library, Sailing Club and 10 Restaurants, have an uninterupted water view and have my boat moored 25 metres from the door of my building. I now also have the wonderful bonus of being in the free tram zone and quick access to three freeways.

Then along comes the worst, most mediocre plan for one of its best assets, Harbour Promenade.

Harbour Esplanade and Central Pier, two defining elements of Docklands that should be the main draw-cards, are the very two things that pull the area down. Harbour Esplanade, the main link between the developing precincts of Victoria Harbour and NewQuay, is an ugly eyesore of redundant tram tracks and crumbling mismatched surfaces.

Central Pier, with a few “heritage” sheds of no architectural significance that provide no tangible link to the maritime past, seems to exist primarily to house noisy parties and scar the beauty of the harbour with the stained concrete car park at its western extremity.

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