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24 December 2016


“We live here” is celebrating its first birthday and a year of successful outcomes.




14 October 2016

10 out of 11 candidates show support for “we live here” policies


With the Election Campaign underway and to canvas the opinion of candidates on the issue of short-stays “we live here” sent a questionnaire to all 58 candidates for Lord Mayor and Councillor.

All candidates who responded, apart from the Stephen Mayne team, have shown a positive level of support for the “we live here” policies on regulating commercial short-stay operators. This is great news for apartment owners and residents.

We ask that you think carefully before casting your votes to ensure that we have a Council truly committed to working for all who live and work in this city.

We would like to thank all our supporters who attended the forum at parliament house on Wednesday evening.

2 September, 2016

Labor Bill a “cop-out” says Shadow Planning Minister

At a high-powered function in the State Parliament’s Federation Room on Wednesday night, attended by 80 supporters of the “we live here” Movement representing 140 metropolitan Owners Corporations, MPs from both the Liberal Party and the Greens pledged to do more for Owners Corporations suffering from the effects of rampant commercialised short-stay letting.

The Supporters Forum, moderated by keynote speaker and prominent barrister, Timothy Margetts QC, provided an opportunity for analysis and debate following a Supreme Court decision in July which determined that Owners Corporations had insufficient powers to enforce Rules designed to regulate short-term letting activities within its building.

Hotel Industry and Apartment Residents Under Threat Unless State Government Acts.

22 July 2016

Court’s decision finds that Parliament would have to express its intentions “in clear and unambiguous language”.

(paragraph 1(c) of decision).

In a decision released today at 10am, Supreme Court Justice Riordan invalidated an original rule created by the Developer of the Watergate building, meaning that Owners Corporations throughout Victoria are unable to prohibit owners from letting out their units to short-term guests.

Justice Riordan said (at Paragraph 178) “In my opinion, the prohibition of businesses generally and specifically businesses related to short-term letting exceeded the scope of what was intended by the Parliament in enacting the Owners Corporation Act 2006…”

Barbara Francis, Chairperson of the Watergate Owners Corporation and a director of the We Live Here advocacy group said,

“At last the State Government has now been provided with definitive guidance by the Supreme Court about what it needs to do in order to protect owners, residents and the Hotel industry.

“We listened to our owners, 95% of whom supported us to pass a Special Resolution to file the Supreme Court action. We had a mandate given to us to take on the unregulated short-stay accommodation industry, who do not pay their fair share of repairs and
maintenance, and who care nothing for the owners and residents that live in the buildings where they operate their businesses. We call on the government to listen to owners and residents, and to change the laws before it is too late."

23 May 2016

Minister’s decision to introduce laws to stamp out bad behaviour in short-term stays will lead to more (not less) “ghettoes in the sky”

Illegal short term leases are turning many of Melbourne’s apartment buildings into quasi-hotels, and making life Increasingly difficult for long term residents.

Victoria let a golden opportunity slip to set an example to the rest of Australia and take a strong stance on short-term lets and Air BnBs that ruin the liveability and amenity of high-rise buildings.

High-density living forum highlights urgent need for change

Illegal short-term lets are turning many of Melbourne’s apartment buildings into hotels, and making life increasingly difficult for long term residents, according to many attending Monday night’s forum to discuss high density living held by new lobby and advocacy group, We Live Here.

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We Live Here is a recently launched advocacy and lobby movement focussing on generating legislative change to protect owners and long-term residents living in high-density areas. The movement aims to give a voice to and protect the rights of these owners and long term residents, and to tackle issues that are not being adequately addressed.

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