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The "We live here" policy on regulating the short-stay industry including Airbnb and other ‘sharing economy’ business practices in residential buildings.

Definitions: Short-stay means a lease or licence for a period of less than 30 days


  1. Occupier letting out part of an apartment that they occupy for a short-stay

Permitted provided that the occupier is living in the property throughout the guest stay – no minimum length of stay. 

  1. Occupier letting out all or part of an apartment for a short-stay while they travel elsewhere

Maximum of 49 days per year with a minimum of 7 days per letting period

  1. Non-resident letting out all or part of an apartment

Permitted with a minimum stay of 30 days in line with standard-form residential tenancy agreements and Commonwealth tax legislation.


 Download the document (PDF)...


The following policy statements outline the position of We Live Here Inc. on a range of issues. When Consumer Affairs considers the question of what is most urgent and how exactly legislative changes ought to be implemented, We Live Here Inc. commends this document unto Consumer Affairs and requests that its contents inform answers to the questions posed.

Download the document (PDF)...

Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Broadcast: 06/01/2016
Reporter: Madeleine Morris

The growth of short-term stays in high-rise apartments facilitated by companies like Stayz, Airbnb and other companies is seeing permanent residents live through all night parties, pop-up brothels and building damage by weekend renters.

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Report of the Independent Panel on Short-stay accommodation in CBD apartment buildings

Download the report (PDF)...


  • Ellen Sandell, Greens State MP
  • Cr Rohan Leppert, City of Melbourne
  • Professor Michael Buxton, RMIT
  • Hon David Davis, Liberal State MP
  • Ms Sophie Ismail, ALP Candidate for Federal Seat of Melbourne

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About We Live Here


We Live Here is a recently launched advocacy and lobby movement focussing on generating legislative change to protect owners and long-term residents living in high-density areas. The movement aims to give a voice to and protect the rights of these owners and long term residents, and to tackle issues that are not being adequately addressed.

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